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Marketingová agentúra na zvýšenie zisku

Zameriavame sa na maximalizáciu vašich ziskov pomocou online marketingu, vzdelávania a poradenstva.



Všetky aktivity sa sústreďujú na ziskovosť a návratnosti investícií.

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Spoločne si stanovíme SMART ciele obchodného rastu.

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Maximalizácia online dosahu v rámci cieľového publika.

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Prekonajte impulzívnych kupujúcich a posilnite lojalitu zákazníkov.

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  • How much does it cost?
    The monthly fee starts at $1,500 and changes based on the scope of services. The cost of individual tools is not included.
  • What is the timeline?
    Based on the required goals will be proposed strategy for the following 6 months within 2 weeks. Followed by setup and activities based on the strategy.
  • Are we the right partner for you?
    We are looking for clients that have the drive to grow and are willing to test new strategies and tactics. We need autonomy to rebuild or create processes within your organization, which in return will help us reach growth goals. The recommended minimum monthly media cost is $10,000.
  • What are the cons or limits?
    Most meetings are online. If you prefer personal meetings, it might be a dealbreaker, as it would significantly increase the monthly fee, which in result will not be as profitable for you as a client.
  • How does communication with us work?
    Our primary communication channel after the start of the partnership is on Update calls are scheduled every two weeks with the agenda agreed in advance. Every 6 months we update partnerships, goals, services and related fees.
  • Can you guarantee results?
    If we miss our goals for 3 consecutive months, you will not pay the fee for the third month and will be able to end the partnership right-away. Another option is to switch from a flat fee to a success fee, which is based on the goals. Contact us for more information regarding the success fee.
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